Tree Removal

Tree Removal is our expertise. Once a target tree has been selected, we can provide fast results. Many of our clients opt for our Tree Climbing Service to provide the most cost effective solution. We can custom tailor a tree removal solution for your budget, and bring those dangerous branches down to the ground safely. There is absolutely no reason to live in fear of tree liability. Reach out right now, and we will gladly meet with you to design a solution for your tree removal needs.

When you hire NJCLIMBER to do your tree job, your hiring a crew that has your best interests as our priority. We strive to provide quality services, reasonable cost and place a high value on the relationships we have with customers.  We make dangerous and difficult work look easy because we enjoy what we do, and look forward to every day and the technical challenges that come with it.

Trees growing over power lines, homes, driveways, pools all make for tense moments during removal. Our ability to exercise our will over any tree, in any location without any heavy equipment or machine, means a lower overall cost to our clients. At NJCLIMBER.COM tree climbing and rigging is our specialty.