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Poison Ivy – Friend or Foe? PREsents:Poison Ivy Nobody swims in more poison ivy or oak then the tree climber. It's a daily occurance. I wonder why no one ever asks what the best way to deal with it, from the person who deals with the most. Leaves of three, let them be. It's called...

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Place Holder: Paramagnetic Antenna System for Electroculture Diamagnetic Antenna Systems for Electroculture Patent Pending technologies for fertilizing soil with atmospheric electricity.

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The Ash Borer Continues PREsents:Emerald Ash BorerOriginally from Asia, the emerald ash borer (EAB) was first discovered in the Detroit area in 2002. It is believed to have entered the country on wooden packing materials from China. The bright metallic-green beetle may be...

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NJCLIMBER Partner Companies

Page UnderconstructionWe often coordinate with local contractors, utility providers and other tree services in completing arbor care objectives through out the county. Here is a short list of companies we have coordinated with for the counties arbor care...

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